Project Team

Dawn Childress is Librarian for Digital Collections and Scholarship at UCLA’s Digital Library Program. Her work and research activities include digital libraries; digital and analog approaches to bibliography, book history, and archival studies; digital scholarly editing; and translation. Dawn consults and collaborates with faculty and students on projects related to text encoding, network analysis, metadata, data modeling, digital collections, and digital scholarship and pedagogy more broadly.

Thomas O. Beebee is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Comparative Literature and German at Penn State University. Translation and translation studies have anchored Tom’s scholarly life, as other topics and interests grew arabesquely around these pillars. His most recent contribution to critical translation studies has been the 2012 monograph Transmesis, which compares fictional representations of translation and of translators in a variety of languages and traditions. Tom is also interested in big data, scalar reading, macroanalysis, and empirical studies of literature.

Sean Weidman is a PhD candidate in English at Pennsylvania State University, where his research interests are focused in the fields of modernism, Irish literature, and the digital humanities. His recent DH projects have applied various digital approaches to modernist corpora–mainly, computational stylistics, stylometry, topic modeling, and network analysis. His current project is concerned more generally with “modernist hospitalities.”